or as one reader described them

Colin G

“An everyday story of
high life, murder, gambling, revenge, business and finance
…….with a dash of sex, rape, buggery and thuggery thrown in”

Lynn J

“Absolute magic – you can’t put them down. What an imagination. Can’t wait for H7!”

Roger H

“A gritty and brutal tale featuring a truly British antihero…..enjoy”

Stef L

“Graphic, gritty and utterly compelling, James James is a man you can never forget, especially if you cross him……..”


Good Reasons to Read H

  • The H Series of books are ideal for readers who enjoy fast paced, page turners and non-stop tension.
  • Superb escapism to take you to another world where normal conventions are quite often overlooked.
  • Ideal for airports, holidays, hotels, long journeys, relaxing on the beach, relaxing anywhere, bed time reading (honestly)


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In my late fifties, I walked out of my job of three weeks as I had had enough and there was something I needed to address. Something that had been hanging around all my life…..
Soon after, I started writing ‘H – When hell is the favourable option’. I plucked the title out of the air but, I now know, it was entirely appropriate. When I finished H I realised I wanted to extend my mission. H had been written ‘easily’. I just sat down and wrote it. No plans, no notes…..

In due course, the books changed. I started to test my boundaries and certainly those of the readers. I became even more imaginative with the plots, the characters, their needs and desires.
The H series became even more ‘pacy’ and people would read the complete series on a two-week holiday.

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When I wrote the books, there was one main rule; they must be accurate. So I went to great lengths to make sure anything I wrote about was checked. The business side and stats were easy to address as I have an MBA and had run my own small companies,  but I would also ring anyone to make sure I had other points right, and I had help from just about everyone I approached.

Unfortunately, on one occasion, I took this too far.
I decided to include a rock star, but not an imaginary one. Now I don’t move in Rock Star circles, but a friend told me where one lived. Wandering on to his estate, obviously missing a large ‘One step farther and you die’ sign, I knocked on his back door.  When it opened, and I explained to this Rock God in his towelling robe with wet hair, who I was and what I wanted he requested that I ‘go away’. Amazingly, weeks later and miles from his home, I bumped into him again. He looked at me suspiciously, as one would a dangerous dog.
‘We’ve met before’ said I.
‘I remember’ said he.
But as I didn’t bite him, he allowed me to put my request to him, and he kindly helped me. Those times, when busy people take the time to help you, are precious, and I am extremely grateful.

I hope you enjoy H and the following books. I say that as, usually, if you read one, you read the lot. Last year I met Jeff, a man who I had been to school with. Not seen him in forty years and it was great. I told him about the books but he ‘didn’t read books’. They had a holiday home that they were going to the following week, and his wife suggested he take one. ‘I don’t read books!’ She glared at him, and I gave him H to read a few days later.
On his return he had read H. He asked for H2, which he read that week. He read H3 and 4 the following week, and H5 and 6 the week after. So, if they are enjoyable enough for Jeff, who ‘doesn’t read books’, you may enjoy them too.

As you will see, I have also written Tiger. If you understand Tiger, you will understand H.

And also Just Words. A collection of poems and short stories. Hardly Betjeman or Coleridge, but sometimes there is a need to express oneself, no matter how inadequately.

And now the film and play scripts…….

Thank you for taking an interest in me and my books, for which I am grateful.

Kind regards