H2 Make your choice…now!

CHAPTER 1: Illicit love

He was with wide eyes. His beloved wide eyes. Eyes that were so wide he could have crawled into them and slept….

On the back seat of the car, with its windows clouded with sweaty moisture, the two were half undressed. She sat on his lap, facing him, her knees astride him and resting on the car seat; tights and pants on the floor and her skirt pulled up. His trousers and pants were down by his ankles and his prick as far as it would go up inside her. He arched his hips slightly for more push and she lowered her pelvis as much as she could. He had as much in as he had got and, luckily for her, he had quite a lot. Her hands were round the back of his head, twining their fingers through his hair as he sucked her enlarged nipples and kneaded her breasts with his hands. He would have sucked them dry if it had been physically possible. Their movements were passionate, frenzied and told a balletic story of a couple desperately in love and consumed with a need that had to be satisfied.
Unfortunately he was satisfying the need of another mans wife. And she was satisfying a deeper need with a man who meant everything to her and without whom there would be no reason to live. The person who made her own marriage tolerable; but also a living, waiting, fantasising hell on earth.
She rubbed back and forth stimulating her clitoris then she arched her back and let out a deep primeval moan as the orgasm flooded her body. She pulled his head tighter to her bosom. He bit her left breast and she moaned again; he moved his mouth to the right breast, took as much in his mouth as he could and then bit again. She came again. She grabbed his hair and pulled his face to her, opening her mouth ready for his. His lips covered hers and his tongue went in as far as it could. Her mouth wrapped round it as she sucked……
‘Come in me now’ she implored ‘Now…….Now…….Now……’
She raised herself up and pushed his head back down to her nipples and started to rub again ‘Now…….’ she said gutturally; urgently.
And he didn’t disappoint this woman who meant everything to him. He hadn’t seen her for two weeks and he had lots just waiting for her. Gallons and gallons and gallons…… She felt it as it spurted into her and filled her up and another orgasm flooded through her…..
She slumped over him, spent; he cradled her head on his shoulder, gently smoothing her damp, tangled hair. After a few minutes they sat next to each other and rearranged their clothes. She kissed him tenderly. He knew he shouldn’t say it but he had to.
‘Soon…very soon’
‘You said that last time’
‘I know and I meant it then too. It won’t be long now’
‘Do you know how long?’ he asked forlornly
‘Not exactly but I promise you that you and I will spend our life together. That is a solemn promise and I would never lie to you. Not to you’
He went silent for a few moments ‘You’re putting on a lot of weight…..are you sure this is ok?’
‘It’s ok….’
He looked at her forlornly ‘Not too long wide eyes……it’s killing me’
At the mention of ‘wide eyes’ a huge smile crossed her face. ‘I know…. but be patient….it will all be worth it….I promise’
Wide eyes was his name for her. He adored her eyes. Wide eyes……he lay in bed at night and said it softly to the moon. They told a story, her story; and to him her story was an open book and the most fascinating thing in the world. When she looked at him with love or longing they opened so wide that he could climb into them and sleep in the dark, welcoming arms of her soul.
They sat chatting for a few more minutes then he looked at his watch.
‘It’s eight fifteen, how much longer do you have?’
‘I’m ok at the moment; he’s gone to some club or other for something…or other’
She cared less where her husband had gone or what he was doing. She looked at him and he saw her eyes dilate. He looked into those wonderful eyes…..time passed, life passed, eternity passed and then he said ‘Good’.
He lifted her dress and put his hand back inside her wet vagina and her wide eyes became wider….. Wide eyes….

The wedding

It was a wonderful day with wonderful sunshine and a wonderful bright blue sky. Everything was wonderful. Benshima looked wonderful. She had treated herself to a gorgeous Monique Lhuillier wedding dress that she had flown to Los Angeles to have fitted and collect. She could easily have had the same dress from Browns Brides in London but where was the fun in that?
It had cost nearly twenty thousand dollars but she thought it was worth it for two reasons; firstly it was beautiful, and secondly when she had gone shopping in Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills she had been standing next to a world renowned actress, who she refused to name, but had, according to Benny, the most cellulite she had ever seen in her life! Which made her feel really good in a girly, but spitefully bitchy, sort of way….

When James saw her he was stunned! The dress was the most sensuous garment he had ever seen in his life. The white ivory, one piece, strapless, satin and silk dress hugged her figure down to her hips then flowed in a train when the hem reached the floor. The sequinned bodice showed her beautiful bosom and the ruched cummerbund highlighted her still slim waist. It could have been a ball gown………but it was a white wedding dress!
When she had said she was going to LA for a wedding dress he thought she was mad. ‘Surely any old thing will do? You’ll be fine….’
But, of course, any old thing wasn’t fine and this not only proved it, it also proved he was lucky to have a woman with taste….and who was going to be his wife!

They left the wedding man and wife and headed to a private room at the Ritz that Senor Reyes had laid on for the reception where the music, of course, included the Bolero, Merengue and erotic Salsa. Arthur, a rarely seen, but much loved face from his past on the roads arrived at the reception. He had been invited to the wedding but asked if it was ok just to come to the reception….?
H introduced him and told them how Arthur had given him a break in life and how grateful he was for that. Arthur was embarrassed but said ‘It was the fu….. least I could do after fu… Jimmy boy had smashed in clowns face’
Nobody had a clue what he was talking about and so ‘Jimmy boy’ quickly wheeled him about and took him to the bar before they did. James gave him an affectionate hug. ‘It’s really great to see you Arthur, really great’
‘Any food Jimmy boy?’
James smiled and wheeled Arthur to a table in the corner to grab what sandwiches he could and left his wife with Benshima.
‘We’re glad you came’ said Benshima affectionately ‘James really likes Arthur’
She smiled ‘That’s nice’. She suddenly thought of something and said ‘Please excuse me for a moment…’
She bustled off and found Arthur who was trying to set a world record for the number of salmon bellini he could get in his mouth. She told him something and he chomped and chomped as quickly as he could while nodding like a bird then with one big swallow he high tailed it from the room. A few minutes later he was back with a parcel, collected his wife and they made their way to Benshima and James.
‘We have something for you. For your wedding’ said his wife.
‘From us…..Janet and me’ said Arthur a touch unnecessarily.
He stood there…..
‘Give it to them’ she urged
Almost reluctantly he handed over the parcel.
‘Shall we unwrap it now?’ asked Benshima.
Arthur looked at his wife who nodded. Jimmy boy took the wrapping off and there were two glass covered frames, each with an enormous butterfly in it. At least a foot wide. A foot! Underneath was written Ornitoptera alexandrae.
‘It’s an Ornitoptera alexandrae’ said Arthur proudly ‘one of the rarest butterflies in the world. Its Order is Lepidoptera, the Family is Papilionidae, the Genus is Troides and the Species is Alexandrae. An endangered species……’
She whispered something to him.
‘Ah yes… their common name is Queen Alexandra’s Bird wing. From New Guinea…aren’t they beautiful? And did you know they’re poisonous? They don’t actually kill anything but if something tries to eat them they become very sick and so they learn to leave them alone. Good eh?’
They were indeed, thought Jimmy boy. Beautiful and magnificent. And rare…….. James had watched Arthur’s face as he handed the parcel over and he knew it was killing Arthur to give them away. It was the ultimate gift. Giving something that you cared about…. Surreptitiously James found Benny’s hand and gave it a quick squeeze.
‘You’re both very kind’ he said affectionately ‘and we appreciate your present very much. In fact we more than appreciate it as I know how much they mean to you. And that being the case I wonder if I could suggest something? Would you keep them for us? We can come down every so often and have a look at them but Arthur can keep them within his collection. It’s a shame they’re not in the collection…..’
Arthur perked up. ‘That’s a good idea. You could come down’ he repeated ‘and they would still be in the collection…..good idea, good idea….’
Relieved, Arthur wandered back to the food and his wife said ‘Thank you. You’ve looked after him again….’
‘Its mutual. One has few friends in life…you have to look after your friends; anyway, anyway at all’
She went off after Arthur.
‘That was amazing’ said Benny
‘It was. Do you realise that Arthur didn’t say ‘fucking’ once?’

At the end of the reception Benny said ‘My parents would like to come back with us for a few minutes’
‘They’re coming back for a few minutes…’
‘Because they are my parents and they want to….’
‘My mother’s already gone…… thank God’ said H.
Benshima said nothing

Back in the apartment they sat and chatted for a while then Senor Reyes said ‘In Colombia it is the custom that the bride’s family help the young couple find a home and assist them with a deposit and some furnishings…….’
‘You’re a bit late’ said H jokingly ‘you could have saved me a couple of million…’ and indicated the room with his outspread arms.
‘In the light of that’ his wife continued ‘we have decided that we would like to continue with the custom and so we have a present for you’
She took a key from her handbag and handed it to James ‘For you and Benshima…..’
Puzzled, James looked at Benshima who looked as confused as he.
‘Mama…?’ queried Benshima ‘What is the key to?’
‘Here? How can it be here? James already owns ‘here’.’
‘A bigger ‘here’’
Her mother was smiling and her father looked mischievous.
‘It’s a guessing game’ said Benshima and immediately a child like look spread over her face ‘A guessing game…….’ she said slowly.
James waited to hear ‘you’re getting warmer….you’re getting colder‘ but in reality he hadn’t got a clue what was going on.
‘We’re moving?’ asked Benshima
With that question and answer H had already worked it out… Surely not….? Fucking hell!
‘But it’s bigger…?’
‘We’re going to knock some walls down?’
‘We don’t have any spare walls to knock down….?’ She looked at James who gave her no clues. ‘A bigger here……knock walls down that we haven’t got……..?’ and then it clicked and she ran and hugged her mother and father.
‘It’s the key to next door’ she shouted out excitedly ‘we can knock their walls down and make it into one huge apartment’
They all trooped into the hall, Benny opened the next door to be met with a completely empty space…to do anything they liked with. A two million empty space thought H….shit! And not only that they now had two corner apartments which meant views of 270 degrees around London. Wonderful! And Benny could spend a fortune knocking out walls and redesigning….. Wonderful………..

As they were leaving, Senor Reyes, having made up his mind, said to H ‘Do you have time to come to the Ritz tomorrow James and join me for lunch’
‘Of course’
He had no idea why but you hardly said no to someone who has just given you a two million pound apartment……

James met Senor Reyes at the Ritz where they were given a reserved corner table. As a long time guest and shareholder in the Holding Company Senor Reyes was treated impeccably, as of course, they would say they treated all their guests. Though some, the ones with new money derived from fifteen minutes of fame were so……..how could one say?……….intellectually challenged? Crass? Common? Pig ignorant? And they didn’t even notice the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, hints that maybe the Ritz was not the place for them…..
They ordered drinks and chatted amiably for a while whilst looking through the menu. Lovely though the food was H was aware that he would be quite happy with a good bacon and egg sandwich, no sauce and a nice mug of tea. Once a plebe always a plebe….
Senor Reyes decided on Fillet of Turbot with Braised Pork Cheeks, Glazed Leeks, Vichy Carrot and Sauternes Veloute and H the Roast Loin of Venison with Morello Cherries, Juniper and chicory Flan and Bergamot Jus. H would have had steak but it came with snails. Snails……? How to balls up a good steak. Once a plebeian always a plebeian….

Half way through the meal John Williams, the Executive Chef, came to the table to greet Senor Reyes.
Senor Reyes shook his hand ‘This man is the jewel in the gastronomic crown that is the Ritz’
‘Senor Reyes’ he said with just a touch, a mere hint, of deference. Gone were the days when Chefs deferred to anyone…the Ramseys’ et al of this world had changed that….but this was the Ritz.
‘The meal’ said Senor Reyes, putting two rounded fingers to his lips ‘Magnificent………subtle, rounded, flavours distinct. A typical Williams offering…’
Suitably flattered he left them to return to the boiling inferno that awaited him.
After they ordered dessert Senor Reyes said ‘James, I have known you now for quite some time. I like you, not because you have married my daughter, but because you are honest…’
James was about to put him straight when….
‘I don’t mean honest in a criminal sense. Who is? I mean in your dealings with Benshima and us. Our family. Family means everything to us and my wife and I regard you now as one of our family…..’
He waited for a response.
‘I am honoured that you see me that way Jose. Benshima means everything to me and, to be honest, I quite like being ‘part of a family’.
‘That being the case James I think it is time you knew a little more about the family….but obviously what I tell you now is between us…only between us’
‘Of course’
Slowly and quietly he unfolded the history of the family and the fact that they were one of the major producers of cocaine in the world.
James said nothing
‘You are not surprised James?’
‘No Jose….I am not surprised’
‘I don’t know….I think it’s because you possess a bearing that comes with power. You could argue that all wealthy industrialists would have the same bearing but I am not sure I would agree with that. It is something to do with life and death. Now I know you come from a violent culture but a wealthy industrialist in that country could be a hunted man……kidnap, ransom, threats to the family, but you…..have a different demeanour. So….no I am not surprised. I wasn’t expecting it….but I am not surprised.’
Jose smiled
‘Little bits did not quite add up’ continued James. ‘A little bit here, a little bit there. The do with the East Europeans…that took a lot of clout and no matter how wealthy an industrialist you are you wouldn’t, I thought, think in those terms. There is a science in revenge that eludes most people. They have to be of a certain type……..they have to think in a certain way……they have to think what some people would not even dream of….that those things are actually possible. Now they may not do it themselves but the fact that they know where to get something like that tells us something about them….’
‘You said nothing’
‘What was there to say? I am with Benshima. To me her family was my family. That’s all there is to it….’
They talked a little more so that they understood each other and then it was time to go. ‘James’ Jose said quietly as they were about to leave
‘I know what you are going to say and I understand’
‘You do?’
‘Are you sure you know what I am going to say James? Really sure?’
James nodded. ‘That if I ever use this information against you and your family I will be killed….No matter that I am Benshima’s husband’
Jose opened his hands ‘I would regret it but……’


Marissa runs away

‘What the fuck do you mean ‘no’’ he snarled ‘You have no fucking choice in this you stupid cow. I fuckin own you…..you do what I want, when I want, where I want and with who I want. You got that!?’
He increased the pressure he was exerting on her neck.